Verbal affirmation – deadliest love language of all

In various studies I made regarding teens, love, behavior etc, I found out that a person has 5 possible love languages in him. These love languages make or break a person. Ever since, I’ve always known my love language is verbal affirmation. I trust words easily therefore I get hurt by it completely. That’s why it is very easy to deceive me. 

Hey Kimii, since you’ve been gone, I know for a fact that I lost someone to tell these secrets to. Guess what? I was having a very lethargic afternoon. I want to go out and be somewhere away from our house. Our house is peaceful as always. It’s just me who always brings chaos into it. I was playing with Cosmo when my mom saved me from having a really boring afternoon. She asked me if I could help them because they have an event coming up tomorrow. We are venturing into several small businesses now btw. We are trying to promote the coffee business we used to have and tomorrow, we’re catering to a golf tournament somewhere I forgot. It’s nice to finally be working with the people in the family and spending time with them. It was all the girls preparing for tomorrow. We were repacking bread preparing the chicken dressing for the sandwich. We were also checking whether all the things needed are complete. I was really having a good time. Family is the most important thing in my life apart from God. 

I accidentally dropped a few pieces of chicken strings on the floor. I noticed it was dirty and hasn’t been cleaned since the helpers are in church and unavailable as of the moment. I was thinking, they would scold me if I get it, placed it in the boiling water then include it in the mix. I used to think they find it unhygienic since this is a food business we’re trying to venture into. I was just being rational. I never thought I had other measures I could do for that tiny strip of chicken. And it wasn’t suppose to be a big deal. Instead of disposing it, I thought of feeding it to Cosmo since it’s the same chicken type he eats. It wasn’t that big of a piece anyway. I started giving him the pieces which were dirty and I was being questioned by Marianne why I was giving it to him. Not very long after that, it was Kes who was starting to question me about that, again, small piece of chicken string I gave away. 

I never thought it was that of a big deal to them. They started questioning each other with me around how big the part was. And no matter how much I tell them I didn’t mean to drop it on the floor, I found it rude and hurtful that they were doubting me for a small piece of chicken. 

Sometimes, I would like to think that they see a hope in me that I’m not totally a bad person at all. Honestly, with what they’re doing, I feel like they dislike me very much and had no choice but to be at peace with me since I am technically part of this family. But you know what, I do not feel that at all. It’s like they just have no choice. 



How can I not possibly get affected when all that’s in the news is about you? What do you think of the people of the Philippines? Weak? I am truly heart-broken with the devastation you caused my fellow people. Though I have always believed that this is part of God’s sovereignty, I also believed that the devil is not that strong to caused something like this. Probably, he will make it an opportunity for people to do worst things but he is not capable of doing so.

I was suppose to post photos of what you did to my country men. But the sight of it is simply unbearable. All the articles, videos, photos and not to mention the testimonies of people are unacceptable. I couldn’t explain the devastation you did. I am so angry at you Yolanda. 

Come to think of it, there are a lot of people who helped just to survive you. Not just the Filipinos. But I am seeing people from other countries helping out as well. But do we really need you to be able to show our concern to other creations of God? This is another senseless entry. I just couldn’t bear you right now. Not ever. 

Laking pasasalamat ko sa Diyos at maayos ang buhay ko ngayon. Safe ang pamilya ko at together kami ngayon. Kahit walang makain masyado kase hindi naanticipate na walang masyadong supply okay lang. Basta together kami.

Unmentioned Love

This is a really confusing entry but I promise you that eventually, I will fix my blogs as to how it should be. For now, I am battling between a slow internet, a beat-up laptop and a battery that surprises me as it randomly dies.

I will set up my other blog as my “reaction paper” blog where I will put articles and movie reviews. For now, I couldn’t get over being hooked to Koreanovelas specifically “The Heirs”.

I could say I know a lot about love. But this one is different. Can someone possibly fall in love happily without expecting something in return? I know it is very difficult. And wouldn’t it be nice to have the love of our lives reciprocate the love we are feeling for them?

My feelings are simply living in fantasies, where the male couldn’t possibly even know I exist or that I adore him this much. It is very common for a guy like him to know that he is loved and wanted by many. He’s a tough guy on the outside but a very soft one inside. I get easily attracted to bad guys you know – those with SWAG :))

I am in love with a character that I wished really existed. I admired how he fought for the feelings he have and used his heart to make the head function. This is a totally non-sense entry but he made me want to write this feelings that I have. Could it be possible that I am in love with the story?

I make no sense at all and I know that. I just love his face, his attitude and his ways towards love.


So its true I guess: the ideal of falling for someone without asking for anything in return. One common misconception is that love should be a two-way thing. No, love is possibly a one way stream. But relationships should be the two-way thing. Love is a feeling towards anybody. Love doesn’t ask for anything. The person I am talking about in this post is a character in a Korean drama I’ve been watching lately. I am not sure if its the person itself, or his character or the story as a whole. I just know that this feeling feels more like love, he gets me addicted and hooked. He makes me want to ask for more. He makes me want to see him all the time. He got me interested in him. He made me want to be with him. Sounds overrated but actually, I’m just being honest with what I feel. He made me want to be the girl in the drama. But that’s the thing. It’s a Korean drama. It’s never gonna be even close to reality. It was dictated and pre-meditated.

I love the way I smile and laugh both at the same time. Loving from a far is real. You know you shouldn’t be expecting anything in return. But it still wants to make you crave for more. As long as I have the internet, I can deal with my beat-up laptop and just stare at him for hours. As long as the story just keeps on going and going, I can survive this so-called love. After all, love is weird and unexplainable.