Unmentioned Love

This is a really confusing entry but I promise you that eventually, I will fix my blogs as to how it should be. For now, I am battling between a slow internet, a beat-up laptop and a battery that surprises me as it randomly dies.

I will set up my other blog charmedchinaeyes.wordpress.com as my “reaction paper” blog where I will put articles and movie reviews. For now, I couldn’t get over being hooked to Koreanovelas specifically “The Heirs”.

I could say I know a lot about love. But this one is different. Can someone possibly fall in love happily without expecting something in return? I know it is very difficult. And wouldn’t it be nice to have the love of our lives reciprocate the love we are feeling for them?

My feelings are simply living in fantasies, where the male couldn’t possibly even know I exist or that I adore him this much. It is very common for a guy like him to know that he is loved and wanted by many. He’s a tough guy on the outside but a very soft one inside. I get easily attracted to bad guys you know – those with SWAG :))

I am in love with a character that I wished really existed. I admired how he fought for the feelings he have and used his heart to make the head function. This is a totally non-sense entry but he made me want to write this feelings that I have. Could it be possible that I am in love with the story?

I make no sense at all and I know that. I just love his face, his attitude and his ways towards love.


So its true I guess: the ideal of falling for someone without asking for anything in return. One common misconception is that love should be a two-way thing. No, love is possibly a one way stream. But relationships should be the two-way thing. Love is a feeling towards anybody. Love doesn’t ask for anything. The person I am talking about in this post is a character in a Korean drama I’ve been watching lately. I am not sure if its the person itself, or his character or the story as a whole. I just know that this feeling feels more like love, he gets me addicted and hooked. He makes me want to ask for more. He makes me want to see him all the time. He got me interested in him. He made me want to be with him. Sounds overrated but actually, I’m just being honest with what I feel. He made me want to be the girl in the drama. But that’s the thing. It’s a Korean drama. It’s never gonna be even close to reality. It was dictated and pre-meditated.

I love the way I smile and laugh both at the same time. Loving from a far is real. You know you shouldn’t be expecting anything in return. But it still wants to make you crave for more. As long as I have the internet, I can deal with my beat-up laptop and just stare at him for hours. As long as the story just keeps on going and going, I can survive this so-called love. After all, love is weird and un-explainable.


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