How can I not possibly get affected when all that’s in the news is about you? What do you think of the people of the Philippines? Weak? I am truly heart-broken with the devastation you caused my fellow people. Though I have always believed that this is part of God’s sovereignty, I also believed that the devil is not that strong to caused something like this. Probably, he will make it an opportunity for people to do worst things but he is not capable of doing so.

I was suppose to post photos of what you did to my country men. But the sight of it is simply unbearable. All the articles, videos, photos and not to mention the testimonies of people are unacceptable. I couldn’t explain the devastation you did. I am so angry at you Yolanda. 

Come to think of it, there are a lot of people who helped just to survive you. Not just the Filipinos. But I am seeing people from other countries helping out as well. But do we really need you to be able to show our concern to other creations of God? This is another senseless entry. I just couldn’t bear you right now. Not ever. 

Laking pasasalamat ko sa Diyos at maayos ang buhay ko ngayon. Safe ang pamilya ko at together kami ngayon. Kahit walang makain masyado kase hindi naanticipate na walang masyadong supply okay lang. Basta together kami.


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