The Monstar


For someone who always looks good in everybody’s eyes, for someone who acts as a friend with a helping hand, for someone who has a way out, for someone who has a thousand followers, I pity you. I pity all those people you’ve fooled and all those who believe in you. What a shame. (names have been changed)

Zane called me and told me her story. 

Zane: What do you call the people who knew what’s right and what’s wrong and yet chose to do what’s wrong? 

Me: Stupid.

Zane: Okay? I wasn’t expecting that. 

Me: Or probably immature? Or selfish. Why, what’s up?

Friendship is a privilege, it should not be abused. Love on the other hand is selfless. It waits then conquers. Love after friendship is a prize, a sweet victory achieved after series of trials. 

What good is it to grab someone else’s hand when they belong to someone else already? What good does making love give if primarily it was lust that was driven out of it? Love is the most used excuse in a lot of things. But love itself is also a privilege. But it should not be taken away from someone who previously owns it. I am currently affected by the story of my friends and how things turned out. 

Zane told me about a story which really shocked us both. Zane is my “boyfie” and is now overseas with her boyfriend. Ever since she left for Singapore, we’ve been closer. I met her through my bwisit ex because Zane’s boyfriend is a HS friend of my ex. So we usually meet in parties. We’re the “girl side” of the boys group. Even though her loyalty should be with my ex since we met through him, I believe this is one true girl. I trust her too much to doubt of her sincerity. We exchanged stories through mails and sometimes briefly over social networking sites or through messaging phone application. When we used to hang out here in the Philippines, I’ve known her to be a smart reserved girl who speaks very brief words and only when she’s asked to. She would never comment on anything that doesn’t need her opinion on. That’s what I like about her. I remember every word she uttered from that telephone conversation we had. 

Zane and I talk about the people we’re close with. I am going to change the names in this blog to avoid issues. Zane and I have friend named Vanessa, or at least I considered her to be one. She lost a love who died in an accident and grabbed the next one. 

Me: And so? What’s wrong with that?

Zane: The thing is, the next one is not available.

“Losing a person you love doesn’t necessarily mean you immediately grab the next available one. Furthermore, you do not grab someone by the right hand who’s holding someone on the left.” from that statement on, I knew, this story would be something we hear very commonly but would still be shocked of the details underlying it. 

“Vanessa is loved by many. She won’t have problems losing a best friend because she would definitely find another replacement. Just as much as everybody wants to be her friend, Vanessa was made known because of her popularity. She helped a lot of people, she offered her hand when someone needs it, she provides solution for everybody who asks for it. Vanessa simply was everybody’s favorite. I myself was once lured to her kindness and we even spent nights laughing precisely about everything. One day, I just found out, she’s not as ideal as I think she is. She made someone miserable and will not forget her for the rest of her life.” 

And the rest of the details should be left in private. 


Having all the gadgets in the world doesn’t make you any greater than all of us. Having a thousand friends doesn’t mean they’ll all be there for you when you need them. Being the richest person in the group doesn’t mean you can get whatever you wished for. Being pretty isn’t about looks at all. And character is all about upbringing. You are who you were raised to be. Respect is earned and not imposed. And respect is given to those who deserve it. Respect is not asked for. It is freely given. Whatever reason you may have for doing things, it will only be an excuse to a mistake you did. Where do you get the courage to do such things? Why did you do such thing? When do you  intend to correct a mistake that you did? What did you have in mind to do such thing? No one can save you but yourself. Let’s try not to be arrogant and learn one thing you thought you knew. SORRY but I’m not sorry. 

Karma is just around the corner. It hits anybody anytime it wants to. 

Is this the same lesson you want to teach your future kids, that its always okay to aggressively grab something you want and get it because you want it? Its called greed. Once upon a time, you told us how angry you are at people who gets your properties or whatever you own. And yet, you did the same thing. You are selfish and self-centered. You are not a good role model. I pity those who follow you. They’re not getting a good example. And yes, you are stupid, for you know what’s right and what’s wrong yet you did the wrong. What a shame. 




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