Agree? Most Pinoys choose humor over good looks


If a new survey is to be believed, Filipinos are following Andrew E’s advice: “Humanap ka ng pangit at ibigin mong tunay.”

In fact, some 90 percent of adult Filipinos would choose an “ugly or unattractive” person as long as they can make them laugh, the Social Weather Stations said Wednesday.
Meanwhile, only 10 percent of Filipinos surveyed said they would go for “a man or woman who is good-looking but has no sense of humor.”
“Sense of humor wins over good looks everywhere,” SWS said in results of the poll conducted December 11 to 16 using interviews with 1,550 adults nationwide.
Filipinos’ preference for sense of humor was consistently near the 90-percent mark throughout the country, but was highest in Metro Manila at 92 percent.
In the rest of Luzon as well as the Visayas, 90 percent said they would choose sense of humor. Preference for the same was 88 percent in Mindanao.
The poll further showed that whether in the city or in the countryside, and rich or poor, Pinoys are more likely to fall for one who can make them laugh.
By locale, 91 percent in overall rural areas chose sense of humor, while preference for the same was at 89 percent in overall urban areas.
Preference for sense of humor over good looks was 90 percent among class D and 91 percent among class, higher compared to 79 percent among class ABC.
But the results of the SWS survey seem to show that preference for sense of humor declined slowly as Filipinos climb up the educational ladder.
Those who prefer sense of humor was at 94 percent among elementary graduates, 89 percent among high school graduates and 81 percent among college graduates.
More men go for looks
Diplomas have a different effect on Filipino men, however, among whom preference for good looks rise to 28 percent among college graduates.
This is almost twice higher than 15 percent among high school graduates, and over three times higher than 8 percent among both elementary graduates.
Among Filipino women, preference for sense of humor was consistently high across education, ranging from 89 percent to 96 percent.
“Singles were almost twice as likely to prefer good looks over those who are in a committed relationship,” the SWS said in the results of the survey.
Some 14 percent of single respondents would go for good looks, compared to only 8 percent among respondents who have partners.
“Single men had the highest preference for good looks at 18 percent, compared to married men at 12 percent and men with partners at 10 percent,” SWS said.
Among women, preference for sense of humor hardly varied by civil status, from 89 percent among singles and 95 percent among married respondents.


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