A life wasted

Repost: from Karla Escotto’s blog

I haven’t blogged for like ages. I have to admit, I’m not really that of a writer. I’m not fond of expressing myself through words plus, I believed, I didn’t know how to write well. I used to hate books, I never was a fan of school, and I thought these were stuff I’d never be able to love. Reading before was a heavy chore and I hated chores as a child. I was dead lazy, lazier than you can ever imagine. I procrastinated, I still do.

Growing up, I realized how important it is to be able to write and share and express your thoughts and feelings to the world. Not only because it makes you a better person as you get to reflect and talk to yourself and improve your grammatical skills and vocabulary but also because the world might someday benefit from your opinions.

Knowing that we all have a distinct purpose, it is very safe to say that we all have something to share. We are all creations of God. Each and everyone is blessed with unique talents. Everyone deserves to be treasured, to be loved. We all have a place in this universe. God loves us and he wants all of us to be loved. That is why, I now strongly believe that, everyone deserves to be heard. All of us have something to contribute to this world of wonder.

We start with God, by loving and believing in him, apprehending his being and his desires for all of us. Then everything else proceeds naturaly: Loving ourselves, being able to be self-sustained and contented, believing in our own capabilities, taking care of every inch of your body, and loving everyone and everything else, trusting and having good faith, recognizing that we are all the same and that everybody needs to be loved as God has willed.

With this in mind, we are all expected of nothing than to be ever grateful of a beautiful life, one that has been begotten of great love, and share the best of ourselves each day we are blessed with life.


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