Repost: From Karla’s blog

I hate it when people make plans and then don’t make sure to go with it. Its like making promises only to break it. That sucks you know! But I don’t blame people. I am guilty of this crime myself. I’m also human and I can’t be perfect even as I try so hard to. The point is to give value to things that are important.

When we make plans with other people, we should remember that they give and make time and efforts for that. Wait. Let me rephrase that. When we plan something we must acknowledge that precious resources are at stake. Time and efforts, I believe, are two (if not the most) important resources. In business, we study and make our lives out of planning. But for most people, planning is a total waste of time. Well, as a business graduate, I don’t agree that it is a waste of time. Planning is only a waste of time when it is planned not to be followed.

That is why in business, planning always comes first. Without (strategic) planning, businesses wouldn’t be as beneficial to economies as they are now. Top wealthy corporations plan their strategies and operations carefully and follow them earnestly to achieve their successes. Not only businesses, following plans is applicable to practically anywhere and anything. The moment we wake up in the morning, we plan how to go about the whole day, from what clothes to wear for work or school to the clothes we wear to sleep, effortlessly only because we are used to it everyday. Planning, we are able to go through a wholeday. Imagine if our government agencies plan everything they do properly and actually follow it, our country would be very much of a first world country! A lot of our resources are wasted because our government officials (well, most of them) don’t apply proper strategic planning in their way of living!

Indeed, planning, and actually following the plans that we make, is very vital in our very well planned lives!

May we all be grateful. ^_^


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