I don’t need a Man to make it all happen

Repost: from Karla’s blog

We don’t need anyone. We don’t need anything. We already have it all. God have already provided. We just need to be grateful. 

Who and where in the world did the thought that we need any more come from? All our lives we’ve been lied to! I’m sick of these lies. I really am! I had severe asthma attacks and heavy coughs because of these lies. WE DON’T NEED NOTHING!!! We don’t even need GOD because he is already here he has already provided.

We really need nothing anymore. Why did we think we needed man? We can’t even set things straight with ourselves. We can’t even understand ourselves. We can’t even support ourselves fully. We can’t even beat our own simple simple little problems. Parents think they need money. Children think they need toys. Girls think they need boys. Boys think they need power. Powerful politicians think they need votes. Voters think they need leaders. Citizens think they need the government. ETC. ETC. We think we need all these when we really need to just be plain, sincerely, and absolutely grateful.

We must understand that there is a huge difference between a “need” and a “want”. I don’t need men. I just want men. See the difference? Really BIG. When I say I need men, I’m actually saying I can’t live without men when in reality you are alive, as hard as bones aliveOn the other hand, when I say I want men, I’m actually saying I can live without men but I want to be with men. Really different.

We should stop thinking that we need anything. We don’t. We already have them. We just have to acknowledge and be thankful. Let us stop wasting time thinking about what we don’t have yet. We can have anything that we want to have so long as we be truly GRATEFUL first.

Let me ask you. Just how do you think can God give us what we cannot even handle yet? We can’t even take care of what we already have and then we are asking for more. Aren’t we being unfair? God knows what he is doing. We just need to keep the faithand be forever GRATEFUL.

Anyway, the book is entitled, “The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom” written by Don Miguel Ruiz. Here, the author shares his wisdom on how to set one’s self free, letting the person realize a beautiful way to live life. Don Ruiz believes that everything we believe in is an agreement and that a great majority of these agreements have been keeping us from living life to the fullest. Even Let me share you some insights:

The Four Agreements are:

  1. Be impeccable with your word. This agreement tells us to speak only of truth and love avoiding the use of word to speak against yourself or other people. The truth is the only way. We must always side with the truth because nothing can argue with the truth. Your level of truthfulness determines your level of success. All the other agreements stem from this agreement.
  2. Don’t take anything personally.The 2nd agreement stresses that the world does not revolve around you. What people say or do is a projection of their own reality/dream that’s why you should never take anything personally. Don Ruiz says, “When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.”
  3. Don’t make assumptions.This agreement tells us to always seek for the truth rather than to create what we want to believe to be the truth. Misunderstandings, dilemmas, and most problems arise from mis-communications and false expectations.
  4. Always do your best.This last agreement tells us to always do our best in whatever circumstance we’re at. By doing our best all the time, we make every other agreement a habit. It also teaches us to be forgiving of ourselves and to just do the best we can (no more no less) to be truly happy.

If I were you, I’d just read the book if I still haven’t and be ever


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