Moving on – a repost

Repost: From Karla’s blog

There came this time i think it was in 2004 or something that they really got into a big fight. We were on our way to Tarlac for Christmas day and the two were fighting like animals inside the car with me and my siblings inside. Gosh the DRAMA! I couldn’t believe what I saw! My parents fighting in front of US! Instinctively, I entered the scene, you know like in the movies (it was sooo coool!). I shouted at them like Will you please stop! I felt like the superhero of the world! But of course, parents’ ego, they got mad at me and continued fighting until my brother Jio cried. That was a huge smack on my parents’ faces. They didn’t want us to see that. Of course no one could blame them for being really mad at each other. They didn’t talk things out with each other. My dad was the typical I will shut up so I pass the fight scene type and my mom was the typical I will say what I feel because I’m a woman type. So yeah. They had great communication. They hid nothing from each other. They argued with each other when needed and they didn’t talk on each other’s backs. The last three sentences are all lies.

This is just one drama you can witness in the family. If not for these kinds of dramas, I wouldn’t be the person that I am now.

So I was lazy because of the drama? Ok, I’m lost. Anyway, the point is we all have dramas in life. I chose to fight! Dramas are challenges to be taken. I was physically lazy but my mind was not. All of us have lazy monsters inside us. Whispering, always. Others are lazy to act, others to think. While others are just lazy all over.

Laziness roots from somewhere deep. Laziness is not bad. Its actually a sign. An alarm. It signals us that something is wrong. I was lazy because things didn’t make sense. I was lazy because I thought life was nothing but a series of tiring nothingness. When things finally made sense to me, I dropped the lazy attitude. It wasn’t easy I tell you. Throughout high school and college I envied those who do and accomplish things without efforts. I thought I was such a LOSER because everything was sooooo hard for me.

I was a person of really bad habits. I was sooo lazy that I didn’t have good eating habits, sleeping habits, taking a bath habits, not picking your nose habits stuff like that. It was sick! I couldn’t even read for 30 minutes because I got used to staring blankly on books pretending to read so my parents won’t get mad. I had to stay on watch of myself as i studied and read in college because whenever I let my guard down I ended up daydreaming and spacing out. Sheesh! Sucks for me.

So yeah. You parents and teachers! Don’t be hard on your lazy children and students! They must be lazy for a reason. They are lazy because, maybe, something is not right. Things don’t make sense to them. So let things make sense to them. Children do think. They have minds as (or maybe even more) powerful as yours. Explain things to them. They will understand.

Mimi understands me. Mimi is a dog, a 5 month old dog. If a dog can understand, how much more a human. Don’t underestimate them because of their age. You don’t know any better. You were a child once. You should know. Age shouldn’t matter. I tried to understand so now I am understood. Now, my relationships are priceless.

Keep searching for answers yourself. Keep your ears open. If you’re not happy, something should be wrong. If it doesn’t feel right, something really isn’t right. You should be happy. Happiness is the right thing.

Respect every life. If things don’t work the way you want them to, then you should change the way you act and think. Stop doing things that have many times been proven wrong. Its by changing that we realize changes.

I’m just so grateful that things make sense to me now. I hope the same for everyone else.

Think about it. As you do, remember to start with GRATITUDE. ^_^

Karla is my friend in college who killed herself out of pressure. I was trying to view whatever memory that’s left of her and I saw her blog. I want to keep one so I had to repost it. Super sayang si Karla. She was a recording artist and even a commercial model. She was pretty and smart. I guess sometimes, pressure really kills us at some point. 


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