Talking about my papa: and its not even Father’s day



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It has been a year since I found out that my family is not so perfect at all. And its been a year since I found out even the most trusted man you have on your list ca still surprisingly break your heart. 

You see, I’ve been brokenhearted from a past relationship and since then, I’ve almost lost my trust in every man there is in this world. I’ve always believed that ALL men are the same, putting an exception and disclaimer to my dad and to my only brother of course. 

I can describe my dad as very wise and distinctive. He was very special to me even if we had been indifferent to each other for some time. We’ve always had different perspective on things. But at the end of the day, I knew one thing. We loved each other very much.

He was a private man who enjoyed the peace of silence and the stimulation of intellectual conversation.

He expressed his honest opinion even when other people’s views differed.

He was a man who honored his religious beliefs.


Last December of 2013, my family and I sat around a table from a nice restaurant we tried in Marikina. It was then that I found out about what mistake he committed to our family. I was very hurt. But I still believed he needed someone to understand him in our family when everybody lost faith in him – and that was me. 

Throughout his 48 years, he was a pillar of strength. He was always there for us when we needed him.

Although he didn’t show his feelings, he always took interest in what we had to share with him.

Instilling values

His strict rules in the house were his own way of shaping our values and, quite oddly, allowing our unique personalities to develop.

Papa always left us with such fond memories, interwoven with our wonderful and lasting experiences as a happy family.

He never let us down, even when we were going through tough and hard times.


Every Christmas and New Year’s Day, he made it a point to give us the best, even if he had to put in a lot of extra work.

I especially cherish our holiday toasts to one another with good wishes for the coming year led, of course, by my papa.

We continue the tradition to this day, even if he has hurt us in a way.

And I remember him smiling and telling us that the New Year will always be better than the last.


I am glad that the issue ended in the past year. Now, we are trying to move on and forget the past. Thanks to the Lord for sustaining and keeping this relationship in our family. 


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