I’ll try not to break up

Source: http://www.femalenetwork.com/sex-relationships/i-broke-up-with-the-person-i-loved-the-most


Teal – Source

Pink – original article

Black – my comments (If ever there is…)

“There were so many issues, to name a few: I haven’t met his parents yet; he has so many plans and I’m not even part of it; he will work abroad but he never gave me an assurance that it would be us until the end; his friends don’t like me and I felt like he doesn’t care.”

On the contrary to this excerpt, he haven’t met my family. He had no plans before he met me. And now that he has, I don’t see myself anywhere in it. According to him, future plans for us are not until 10 years. Since I have also been in a relationship with him for 20 months now, soon we’ll be celebrating our 2nd years together. So mga 8 years na lang hihintayin ko. (Pampalubag loob).

He surely has a lot of plans. Pero parang walang masusunod or nasusunod sa mga yon. I remember him saying his family doesn’t like me because I am too high maintenance or too maarte for them. And I feel like he’s really having a hard time because of that. He couldn’t bridge the gap, just because he’s not doing anything to cap it also. Nice one.

“Well I guess he has his own reasons. But whatever his reasons are, I would find them hard to understand. I only want simple things in life; I only want him to stand up for me especially that he’s leaving the country soon. But I think he doesn’t know the word EFFORT.”

The last statement hit me hard. Hindi naman sa wala siyang effort but his definition of effort is just very different from mine.

You maybe wondering what the hell I am talking about. Sa susunod ko na ieexplain. Current feelings ko lang kase to. Ktnxbye.


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