Current Mood

Being in a relationship is almost impossible for me. After the silliness I had to go through with my jerk ex-boyfriend, it was almost impossible to like a person. But love have it’s way. 


After him, I tried one more time and took a risk in love. I couldn’t really say I already took the risk. But you can put it somehow that way. I am a person who loves deeply and gives my everything. I make sure I give my 100% in loving because in return, that’s how I want to be loved. I always wanna pour out to one person. But no matter how nice he is, at some point, he will still hurt you. 

Athazagoraphobia is the fear of being forgotten or ignored and fear of forgetting.

I wish he would see me as this. There were so many times he hurt me emotionally because he couldn’t meet my expectations. And here I am, still hoping that one day he’ll want to meet it. He may find someone in his level and love him for who he is and not expecting anything. But he will never find anyone like me who can still love him in spite of everything. 


For the longest time I have been asking myself why couldn’t he see my worth? Until now, I am still trying to battle with that thought. When we are together, I can feel he loves me. Not as deep and strong as I feel for him. But I know he does. Apparently, when we’re away, I couldn’t feel him. I wonder what he thinks of me. I wonder if I have to die first in front of him for him to see my worth. I just couldn’t feel it.



I don’t think he’d ever see my worth. That’s the sad thing. 

WAAAAH PLEASE REPEAT 10X!!! Syempre pangarap ito ng bawat babae. Ang ipagsigawang mahal siya. 


WORD. Need I say more?

He’s always like this towards me. Sana eto wag niya baguhin. Sana wag siya mapagod. Best attitude and trait pa naman niya to. I am so cranky.


Pero natatakot ako na one day, pag hinding hindi ko na kaya, magwawalk out na lang ako ng walang sabi. At walang balikan. Ayoko naman mangyari sa kanya yung araw na yon. 



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