That’s the thing


That’s the thing about people. Bata, matanda, babae, lalaki, iba na kase ang generation ngayon. People have their own ways of being smarty. They pretend they know everything. They pretend they know a lot. They pretend there’s nothing wrong. But everything actually is.

I was once like this. Before I was even redeemed by the Lord, I felt I was on top of everything. I know what I was doing, I felt I was the smartest person alive. I thought I knew how to figure things out on my own. I go to church services every Sunday and I pray everyday. Everything seemed too plainly educational for me.

When I knew how to work around things, how to justify things, that’s when it became scary. I always had a way out. I had every excuses up my sleeve. I basically knew how to make things work and manipulate. It was so deadly. I stopped praying. I started to rely on my own capabilities and strength. I stopped seeking for the Lord.

That’s when He took a lot from me. Good thing He didn’t take everything. 


After the Lord taught me that lesson, now I know how to see clearer the value in things. I was arrogant and self-centered. Feeling ko kaya ko lahat. Honestly, I couldn’t. Naaawa ako sa mga tao around me because they haven’t had that encounter with the Lord in Him taking everything. I don’t want them to suffer the way I did. Naiinis ako when people don’t see the wrong in their actions. All the more that keep on sinning. 

I am not making sense. Naiinis lang talaga ako. Paano kaya sila magbabago?


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