Happy me

They don’t say Happy Anniversary if it’s not Happy right?

I cannot believe I made it. We made it. At this point, I told myself if nothing happens then we better call it quits. But no. He made it possible. 🙂

A speech is necessary because celebrations are the only days we CANNOT have excuses for not saying one. I mean, these are the days which requires us to say one if we couldn’t on a regular day. This is it.

1st, there’s some sort of comfort. I never believed (although I noticed before) until we took a picture today for our Anniversary – we do look alike. And you know what they say for couples who do look alike? THEY END UP TOGETHER! Yahoo! hurrah for us! As in freakishly kung hindi lang malaki muka ko and kung wala ka lang facial hair I am so sure, papasang hindi manonotice ang face swaps natin 🙂

I remember that day (I never said date) that I specifically prayed for you to the Lord. I remember my exact words. It goes something like:

“Lord, sa sobrang sakit, please padatingin mo na siya. SI THE ONE. Gusto ko sana yung next is siya na. Please, kung hindi pa siya – wag muna. Ayoko muna. Pero kung siya na, please papasukin mo na siya sa buhay ko. Mali man dahil ang drive ko is masakit – pero sana Lord yung susunod siya na talaga. Ayoko na kase magkamali. Ayoko na masaktan. Ayoko na umulit ulit.”

It wasn’t too long and it wasn’t too short na dumating ka sa buhay ko. Alam mo yun? Weirdly – when I get to like guys super I know from day 1. Eto ni hindi ko naisip na “pwede”. Pero look at where we are now? How did we even get here? I feel so thankful to the Lord that I think, He was right about you? And I was right that He is faithful and He also sent you? Why? One time we fought, I told myself until 7am lang kita hihintayin. I was praying so hard that morning that I know the Lord was hearing me. Alam mo bang kahit busy siya pinadala ka pa rin niya sakin at 6:59? I was never a fan or a believer of serendipity or meant to be. I have always believed in sudden coincidences. I know there might be more examples of these moments where the Lord was giving me hints that I shouldn’t let you go. No matter how much I think of it, I really believe you are the one.

I always give thanks and praise the Lord for whatever circumstance I am in. Whenever I feel hurt, I feel happy, victorious, defeated, etc – I talk to the Lord and tell Him how I am still grateful for this life He let me borrow. Kapag nag-aaway tayo I always pray na sana matauhan na ako and sana magkalakas ako ng loob to call it quits. Actually, kayang kaya ko naman gawin e. Alam mo yung feeling na may pumipigil? I know what I am capable of doing. Hello lagi nga ako nananakot, nagddare ng breaking up right? But somehow, even when I am so decided – it’s like something in me holds me back. Not because of the tenure we are together. Not because plainly of the love – because you were never that showy but because of this some sort of level of trust I have with you. Mahalang mahalaga kase pala talaga sakin yon. And because of that level of trust that I have with you, everything else follows. Pati yung love mong hindi kjo mafeel or makita, dahil sa trust ko sayo – I know it’s just there.

I feel happy that whenever I am sad, hindi man ikaw nagsasalita – you always make me happy with your jokes. You help me made my outlook in life very hopeful and positive. You fill me with fun and laughter. I love your humor. Sometimes, I really don’t understand. But I know it’s making me laugh. I love you. Thank you for 730 days of a roller coaster love.


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